Key Features

The Banner Bank Building blends stunning views with environmentally responsible design. Low operating expenses, location, convenience and flexibility make this building a perfect match for the savvy business person who a appreciates a state-of-the-art work environment.

Typical Floor Plan (3rd – 11th Floors)

  • Approximately 16,600 SF Floor Plan
  • Column Free Interior
  • 40′ – 41′ Bay Depth With Corridor
  • 3 High Speed Elevators
  • Low Load Factor
    Full Floor – 9%
    Multi Floor – 14%

Real Savings

Low operating costs allow for highly competitive rates for Banner Bank Building tenants. On top of the direct savings, the building provides cleaner air, a comfortable environment and a technologically advanced workspace. This leads to happier, more productive employees and reduces absenteeism caused by “sick building” syndrome. The following is what sets the Banner Bank Building apart from any other office:

  • Under Floor Air Distribution
    The HVAC system is placed beneath a raised floor plenum providing cleaner, more comfortable air temperatures while saving up to 30% in energy costs. Companies using this technology are experiencing increased productivity, lower absenteeism and improved bottom line.
  • Modular Electrical Distribution
    Electrical circuits are routed throughout the plenum floor, creating unlimited flexibility for locating outlets exactly where you need them.
  • Technologically Advanced
    Telephone and data jacks are integrated in the access flooring, making them easy to relocate. Fiber optics provide high speed data connections, clear voice transmission, Voice Over IP systems, and ample bandwidth.
  • Highly Efficient Lighting
    Indirect lighting fixtures utilize occupancy sensors, photo cells and dimmers to adjust output for individual preference while optimizing energy use. Pendant lights reflect light evenly throughout the office. Companies using this technology are experiencing increased productivity as well as fewer complaints about insufficient light or eye strain from computer use.
  • Fast, Economical Reconfiguration
    The Banner Bank Building’s interior walls are modular, so they are flexible, yet private. They offer the same sound attenuation as old fashioned drywall construction. This promotes building material conservation while allowing users to easily reconfigure office designs as needs change.